Billing is done of the three ways: (1) via private retainer, (2) via Subsidized Billing (through AXIS Family Mediation Inc.) or (3) via Legal Aid Reimbursement.

You may qualify for your mediation fees to be subsidized by the Government of Ontario. To determine if you are eligible, you should contact AXIS Family Mediation Inc. at either 1-888-988-AXIS (2497) or, or visit their website at

If you are eligible, a roster mediator is assigned through that service. I am one of the roster mediators, and you may be assigned to me. In exceptional circumstances, you may request to have me as your mediator via AXIS.

If you are a Legally Aided client (having your lawyer’s fees subsidized by the Legal Aid Ontario Plan), you are entitled to an initial 2.5 hours of mediation services (per legally aided person) without prior authorization (at the current tariff rate). If additional hours are required, I will advise your lawyer to write to Legal Aid to request these additional hours. Similar to other Legal Aid disbursements, I bill your lawyer for all of my mediation services, who in turn, will reimburse me once they receive payment from Legal Aid.

Private retainer clients are directly charged for mediation services. The private rate is $200.00 per hour (usually shared equally between parties at $100.00 per person, per hour), for all mediation services, and each private client is expected to pay a $1000.00 retainer at their first session.

I am a professionally trained, neutral and impartial third party who facilitates negotiations in a safe environment, between parties of relatively equal bargaining power, involved in family law disputes. I have been mediating professionally since 1998.