I also offer Arbitration Screening, as per the Ontario Arbitration Act (1991, SO 1991, c 17). The Act states that everyone going through arbitration must be screened for power imbalances (which include any type of controlling behaviour, not just physical violence) by a professional, who is specifically trained to provide such screening, prior to signing an Arbitration Agreement. This is a vital part of the arbitration process and is a tool used by the arbitrator to determine if the arbitration should proceed, and if it does, under what modifications to ensure equity and safety.

The Arbitrators do not (generally) screen the parties themselves, and it is preferable for lawyers not to screen their own clients (for obvious reasons), and as such, the standard practice in southern Ontario, is for the Arbitrator to select and independent, neutral, third party professionally trained screener to screen both parties.

When the screens are complete, I provide the Screening Reports to the Arbitrator. They are not provided to the parties or the lawyers. Since the screener is providing this service for the Arbitrator, it is up to the Arbitrator if they wish to share the screening reports with the parties or with counsel (not often the case).

I charge a flat-rate for arbitration screening of $1000.00 (total) for both parties (which is generally shared equally at $500.00 per client), inclusive of report preparation, plus 13% HST, payable by the arbitrator, at the time of report submission.

I am a professionally trained, neutral and impartial third party who facilitates negotiations in a safe environment, between parties of relatively equal bargaining power, involved in family law disputes. I have been mediating professionally since 1998.