Family Mediation is a method of dispute resolution, for issues arising out of divorce or separation. These issues may include (but are not limited to) the negotiation of parenting plans, child support provisions, spousal support provisions and division of property. Mediation is a non-adversarial alternative to, or a compliment to litigation. It is a way to resolve disputes without having a judge decide the outcome. As such, it has the potential benefits of saving time, money, reducing conflict, being less stressful and preserving relationships. It is confidential and voluntary.

As your mediator, I can not only help to resolve immediate problems, but teach people strategies to resolve their own problems in the future, which is often necessary for those who share children. I can help you tie up loose ends that can be woven into trouble later. However, it is NOT counselling, and not an aid to reconciliation. It is also not a substitute for legal advice; I do not provide paralegal services, I do not provide opinions or recommendations, nor do I make decisions for people—I help them reach their own decisions.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to the mediation process. I am so committed to the privacy of negotiations, that I only offer Closed Mediation, which means that I will not testify for any party, nor will I allow my notes to be subpoenaed. I also subscribe to the FMC and OAFM Code of Ethics, which provides, amongst other things, cognizance and caution in situations involving domestic violence and power imbalances. All of these things are discussed at length at your first meeting with me.

I am a professionally trained, neutral and impartial third party who facilitates negotiations in a safe environment, between parties of relatively equal bargaining power, involved in family law disputes. I have been mediating professionally since 1998.